You're about to connect to the world's first MMO, Lucasfilm's Habitat! There are thousands of regions to explore and many awesome folks to meet from all around the world who come to visit every day.

Logging In

To get started, click on the emulator panel to start the emulator. Once Neohabitat loads, hit any key to get past the splash screen. Next, enter a name for your new Avatar, such as Threepwood, dril or Phil Collins.

Flipping Disks

Press Enter, then wait for the Habitat client to load; this will run at the original Commodore 64 speed, so be sure to give it a minute.

Next, Habitat will ask you to flip to the next disk. To do so on PC, press Alt-N. To do so on Mac, press Option-N. Then, press any key, such as spacebar.

Once you've logged in, be sure to select your avatar name from the selector at the top of the screen and select Activate Docent. This will activate Neohabitat's interactive web experience, which will provide you with helpful guidance, dynamic help, and historical background for much of the world.


Habitat's user interface is powered by a joystick, so we've set a default that should work with the keyboard you're using:

Joystick Key
Up Arrow Up
Down Arrow Down
Left Arrow Left
Right Arrow Right
Fire ~ key (above Tab)

Have Fun!

If you run into any issues during your travels throughout the world of Habitat, be sure to visit us on our Slack and we'll be glad to lend a hand.

If you'd like to read this help document at any time, simply click the Help button in the top bar of the user interface.

Otherwise, from all of us on the Neohabitat restoration team, we hope that you have a great time and we'll see you in world!